Evaluation is a way to measure if something has had an effect. This could be as simple as running a workshop and being able to measure whether the participants have enjoyed the presentations, learnt something, or have changed their mind about something. It could be as complex as measuring the impact of a complex intervention on the behaviour of an organisation, or community.The tools we use for evaluations vary according to the purpose of the evaluation and the expected outcomes.

At DSA we work with Sector Associates who bring their expertise to the design, conduct and analysis of evaluations. 
We have experience in a range of sectors: 
  1. Education, 
  2. Health Care, 
  3. Energy and Infrastructure, 
  4. Community Development,
  5. Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Responding,
  6. Organisational Effectiveness.

Communicating Results

We use proven and stat-of-the-art evaluation methods. We provide reports and a range of supports such as infographics, slide shows, community workshops and presentations to effectively communicating the results.
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Evaluation Resources

Impact evaluation 
This resource from AusAid gives a comprehensive overview of impact evaluation, when you would use it and how.

"An impact evaluation is a systematic and empirical investigation of the impacts produced by an
intervention—specifically, it seeks to establish whether an intervention has made a difference in
the lives of people. It aims to answer questions about what works or does not work, how, for whom, and
To provide these answers, impact evaluation links cause and effect: it assesses the direct and indirect
causal contribution of the intervention to change in people’s lives. 

The DSA team are experienced in Impact evaluation and can assist in the planning, design, conduct and analysis of the evaluation

This website developed by Damien Sweeney and Martin Pritchard provides a comprehensive set of resources for Councils and community groups wanting to evaluate residential projects in areas as diverse as energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, water use, transport, waste and consumption. They recommend that Councils and communities work with consultants to develop their skills locally to manage their own evaluations.

The DSA team are experienced in sustainability evaluations. We can provide training in evaluation methods; assist with designing and modifying data collection tools and facilitating environmental data collection, analysing the data and providing reports that make sense and engage the local community. 

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