Our Business Values

Why is Decision Support Analytics and our tech product emojifit Diabetes not a startup?

Eastgate Harare Zimbabwe
Isabelle in front of Eastgate shopping centre Harare, Zimbabwe 
The symbol of sustainable business and the Blue Economy
At DSA we are not trying to raise money to run and grow our business through
1. the debt markets
2. the equity markets.
We plan to grow our business through the market by selling products and services which we use the earnings from to fund growth.

This we believe is a sustainable business model for the 21st Century.

As with all startups and new businesses, there is lots to learn, lots of risk. We also have the need to fund legal protections, new product development, marketing and of course wages and taxation. We need to sell our ideas and pitch our business model to investors but in our case not Angel investors, venture capitalists and employees through options. Our investors are founders, joint venture partners and customers and, in the start up phase, government co-investment with grants used to leverage our current investment.

So why a business model for the 21st Century? We believe that our products and services are globally important and have the potential to improve the lives of millions, if not billions of people. We want to serve our communities through building a strong, sustainable business that puts profits back into the community through taxation, employment and valuable goods and services.

At DSA we believe that emojifit and its associated products and services will become a major employer of older workers who are able to work flexibly to fit in a happy, health and connected life with friends, family and community.
We aspire to be part of the Blue  economy.

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