Data collection and analysis services 

Decision Support Analytics

Contact us to help you with your research and evaluation needs.

Using scientifically validated surveys and other business research methods we can help you design, collect, retrieve and analyse the data you have to meet your needs. 

Do you want to:

  •  improve bottom line performance, 
  • reduce waste, 
  • meet reporting requirements
  • present your data in impactful ways? 

We work with you to tailor data solutions to meet your needs. 

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Our Business Research Methods Capabilites

  • Review/ analysis/synthesis of published research 
  • Stakeholder engagement/consultation  
  • Interview/ focus group data collection and synthesis 
  • Designing processes to link clinical data to patient characteristics (such as preference, habits) 
  • Clinical systems redesign  
  • Process mapping 
  • Environmental scans 
Data collection and retrieval design
  • Market research
  • Survey design  
  • Clinical trial design 
  • Rapid feedback survey design 
  • Automated data collection systems 
  • Linking archived and current data systems 
Data analysis
  • Advanced Multivariate Analysis  
  • Factor analysis  
  • Psychometrics  
  • Psycholinguistics  
  • Multi-dimensional scaling  
  • Cluster Analysis  
  • Stability Analysis  
  • Combined Linguistic Graphical Analysis  
  • Audio/video data analysis  
  • Thematic qualitative analysis  
  • Big Data analysis
  • Wearable sensors in the workplace analysis (physiolytics)
Decision support tools
  • Policy reports (1:3:25 format)  
  • Briefing documents  
  • Position statements  
  • KPI mapping  
  • Training manuals  
  • Presentation slide sets  
  • Graphical representations of complex data  
  • Research Reports  
  • Lectures/presentations   
  • Research publications in quality academic literature

How do we deliver on our promises?

We behave responsively, reliably and with integrity. We interact with all people (clients, suppliers, partners, associates, staff and directors) based on our values of openness, respect, curiosity and honesty.
These values and behaviors are evidenced by:
  • Maintaining close contact and being responsive (responsive, respect) 
  • Using research and translation methods that enable international dissemination (reliable) 
  • Transparency of our analytical and business processes (open, honest) 
  • Exploring and evaluating novel approaches (curious) 
  • Maintaining quality in all our activities and meeting gold standards in research practice (integrity)

Our Consulting Fees

We offer value for money with a flexible fee structure depending on the nature of the project, the expediency needed and the location. Contact us to discus your needs.

Get started improving your business performance with our Valuate service

Need some help to get started improving your business performance or getting to grips with your data? 
Contact us to discus your needs
($1500 per day inc GST plus costs)

Improve your influence and brand recognition, SocialMedia training may be just right for your business.

1. Our 4 hr group training session,  Evidence-based Social Media 
Make sense of 
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Search
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Blogging with Wordpress
2. Our 4hr group training session , Content Marketing for Busy People
Learn to use our proven Content Marketing templates to spend less time on your Social Media posts and more time on your business
Build engaging content that demonstrates your expertise
Turn your audience into your friends
Short post to long post format
5 proven styles that you can adapt to any business or topic area that builds your audience through organic reach.

($275 pp inc GST -Min numbers required- Contact us for further information or to book a course)
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