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Analytics is the Key to Social Media Success

Our Social Media team includes our Associate Helen Edwards of Recycled Interiors and Care4Social fame. Helen has been leading in Social Media strategy and engagement since 2002. She was nominated as Australian of the Year in 2016 for her work in social entrepreneurship and was also nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2015. She knows how to build audience and influence. 

Building Influence

Whether you are an artist, academic, business person or professional your key in this connected era to building influence is to be recognisably yourself. At DSA we help you to discover your "voice" so that when you communicate on Social Media, you are on message and able to connect with the community that shares your interests, or who needs your expertise. We help you to identify your audience, find where they are online and what interests them. We help you to connect to them.

We do this using a range of analytic tools such as online profiling, audience engagement analysis, Google Trends analysis, and key word search. 

social media strategy

Developing a Strategy

Most businesses have a presence online but only a small percentage of business units are managing their reputation and markets with a Social Media strategy.
DSA can help you with your: 
  • Overall SM strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Risk and crisis plans
  • Staff/team SM guidelines
  • Moderator help guidelines
  • Community guidelines/rules
We have a range of templates to minimise your risk and maximise the impact of your Social Media activity. Our strategies have inbuilt analytics so that you can measure the effectiveness of your activities in the platforms you use, not just your reach.

Create Content

Content is King! Over the past decade search has been transformed by Google. As the number one search engine in Australia and New Zealand, Google has transformed the way pages are ranked and information is found. The algorithms that Google are using and developing reward new content that is rich with high quality and indepth information. To date, Google has not been able to search images but that is changing. Media rich content is what social media sites reward. Creating engaging media which is rich content can be time consuming and expensive. Our creative team at DSA have many years of experience in content creation and have produced a range of resources to help your team manage your social media content creation and engagement in just 4 hrs a week. 

Book a workshop with us and we can save you thousands of dollars for outsourced content creation.
Our tools help you develop content in our customisable short, medium and long formats
  1. On Message content- Using a tried and tested formula
  2. X Tips X Steps content
  3. Meet other members of the Community 
  4. How Tos- Using other people's content
  5. How Tos- Using your original content  
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