Survey Research

Survey Design

DSA Survey Research Group are experts in survey and sampling design . We have extensive experience in developing and validating psychometrically sound surveys, including ones that are able to be used with different cultural and language groups. These are ideal for market research and patient/ consumer/ customer satisfaction.

We have access to a large range of published and proprietary  survey items/ questions and scales. 

"Putting together a valid survey is a science. Having reference data from a validated survey gives you the best results" Timothy Skinner

We tailor questionnaires to suit your needs ensuring the best response rates through evidence-based design practice for online surveys, telephone surveys and interviews.

Survey Administration

We provide a comprehensive service for survey administration.  This includes representative sampling through participant profiling, to ensure the mix of people who complete the survey matches your target customers or clients.  We will calculate the optimal sample size for your needs, to ensure you have confidence that survey results can tell you what your customers and clients really want, or how they behave. 

"It is not always a case of more is better- sample size is based on effect size and quota size. If you want to know the difference between people you need a minimum number in the target group to calculate the rest of the sample size." Timothy Skinner

We undertake participant recruitment using a range or interpersonal and technology driven recruitment strategies such as promotion through Social Media. The members of our Social Media team have extensive experience with developing highly engaging and targeted social media ads in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

We use professional grade Survey Monkey for our online surveys that is customised for your business or organisation. 

For market research and surveys administered by individuals either by phone or in person, we provide highly trained survey administrators to ensure unbiased data collection. 

Survey Analysis

For surveys where the questions ask people to choose one or more response options, we have the capability to provide a range of analytical services.  In addition to the standard range of descriptive information, we can provide cutting edge analysis.  This includes using a range of clustering tools that enable us to identify groups of similar people, and how each group are responding and acting. Alternatively we can identify groups of items that are producing similar responses, and thus flag key marker questions for rapid customer identification.  

For free response questions, whether verbal or written, we use a range of computerized and human lexical analysis strategies and tools to draw out key messages. Our analysts can also applying association and cluster analysis methods to these responses to profile people and attitudes.  

We also use a range of techniques to enable visualization of  verbal and written responses, to enable rapid synthesis of large data. 

Infographics and Reporting

We have an in-house graphic designer and subscribe to a range of infographic generators to enable us to provide you with original graphics to use in reports and presentations. These can be static or interactive graphics.

"Infographics should tell a story but the data must always be the main character." Isabelle Skinner

We are expert Wordle users. 

We can also generate custom graphs and graphics to present your data in engaging and interesting ways.

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