About Us

Decision Support Analytics Pty Ltd (DSA) was established in 2014. We are a health and community services consulting firm specialising in program and projectevaluation and service planning. We are highly regarded for our understanding of regional, rural and remote contexts.

 Our experienced team are skilled in designing and conducting research and evaluations. We have detailed knowledge of health and community care systems; professional associations and consumer advocacy organisations; and both the higher education and the vocational education sectors.

A key strength of the DSA approach is our commitment to rigorous methods providing results our clients can rely on. Our team are meticulous in ensuring our evaluation and research processes meet the standards required for publication in the scientific press including review of Human Research Ethics where relevant.

At DSA we take pride in providing our clients with robust independent reports, ensuring that recommendations are actionable and supported by reliable data.

Why Choose DSA


We have a wealth of experience across the health, social services and education sectors.


Our team are highly skilled at research, business, health care, education and communication.

Established relationships

We have established relationships across the sectors at international, national, regional and local levels. We have access to a broad range of content experts to support individual project requirements.

Some of Our Valued Clients

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