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 Skilled in evaluation methods including- Designing evaluation frameworks, Program logic;
Data gathering- interviews, focus groups, surveys and existing data analysis.
We can adapt our methodology to the specific requirements of our client.



Desktop reviews of existing research and policy documents and synthesis to support decision making and best practice guideline development.

Rapid reviews, Realist reviews and Systematic reviews with meta-analysis and or meta-synthesis.

Service Plans


Work with organisations and agencies on strategic, business and  operational plans.
Workshop facilitation, business data gathering and analysis, data visualisation.



Support for critical thinking, service redesign and client and service user engagement.
Workshop facilitation, Video meeting facilitation, Community consultation.

Examples of our work

Evaluation of the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMT) Program 2019-2020

"The Department of Health has commissioned an independent evaluation of the RHMT program to be completed by mid-2020. The evaluation will examine the extent to which the current design and delivery of the RHMT program is achieving the program’s aim of improving the recruitment and retention of medical, nursing, dental and allied health professionals in rural and remote Australia. The evaluation will also consider the benefits to local health delivery from engagement in teaching and training through the RHMT program.

 KBC Australia [in partnership with DSA] was selected to undertake the evaluation which will involve a mixed methodology encompassing both qualitative and quantitative methods. The evaluation includes an extensive consultation process"(Australian Government Department of Health).

The final report was accepted in June 2020.
Access the Summary Report here

Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods

Our evaluation framework and post bushfire evaluation of the Tasmania Fire Service's  Pilot Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods program has led to a Statewide rollout.

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